Payroll Audits

Our firm has a dedicated staff to exclusively
provide payroll audit services for the multi-employer benefit plans
and labor organizations we service.

Fiduciary responsibilities under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) require plan trustees to collect all contributions which are due to the employee benefit plan. Our dedicated payroll audit staff provides payroll audit services to verify whether the contributions received by the plan are complete and accurate to ensure that employers are compliant with the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and that our clients are receiving contributions according to their agreements.

In additional to payroll compliance audits, we also have experience in project based audits and New York State Article 3 Lien Law audits.  Currently we perform payroll audits in New York and surrounding states.

Our audit partners have a solid understanding of ERISA and other laws and regulations governing the operations of Taft-Hartley benefit plans. The experience of our staff meets the needs of local, regional or nationwide trust funds. We work side by side with the fund’s legal team, plan administrator and staff to assist the trustees in protecting the benefits of the plan participants.

Our payroll audit procedures can be tailored to meet each client’s needs.  We customize our procedures based on a thorough understanding of each plan’s requirements.

We have developed an audit approach that allows us to perform audits of smaller employers on a more economical basis.  Our audit fieldwork is generally performed on-site; but, we have performed audits of out-of-town and out-of-state employers through electronic means, thus eliminating travel time and expense.

Through our approach we have served our clients with timely, efficient and cost-effective payroll auditing for over 20 years.
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